About Us

Cardio Central was founded in 2013 after the team had outgrown the original Zumba Central and Bokwa Central names due to the increase in skill set and qualifications obtained.

Who Are We?

A community fitness organisation that truly cares about its members! We pride ourselves on the family friendly feel that you will experience when you come to one of our classes!

We know your name, we celebrate your successes and dish out hugs when you need them!

What Do We Offer?

Zumba at Oldbury Academy

Fun fitness classes that are guaranteed to make you work, whilst keeping you engaged and motivated!

Always at the forefront of what’s new in the industry and recognised by many for the community spirit and family feel that resonates throughout every class!


 Mel C

Mel is the founder of Cardio-Central.


Led by Mel C, Cardio Central has continued to become one of the leading and most innovating Fitness Organisation in the West Midlands!

Rosie D

Rosie D is the Senior Trainer for Cardio Central. Mel’s right-hand woman, she manages the team of Cardio Central Instructors and is integral in the content production of the two in-house programs that Cardio Central deliver, BURN and B3 Bootcamp.

Gemma Shrimpton

Gemma is the Cardio Central Business Manager. She manages all of the administrative duties and is responsible for the background running of the company that no one sees! She is also a great Zumba Instructor and is currently training to be a Fitness Instructor.

Joan Salmon

Joan is Mel’s Personal Assistant (and the title doesn’t do her justice!). Joan manages the running of registration across all of the Cardio Central classes and also manages the Cardio Central Members group.

Cardio Central Instructors


Emma Pearce   Maxine Mills   Vince Taupin-Kaur   Abbie Millward   Leanne Browne   Clare Gore

Natalie Kumar   Francine Campbell   Linda Vernerova